The experience of over 40years in the night wear field, makes Vilfram a leader  in the Italian market. A consolidated production ranging from pajamas, nightgowns, dressing gowns to homewear; a particular attention to the quality not only of raw materials but also of the manufacture, good fit, accuracy of the stitch and refined taste, style and design of creations. Vilfram offers a full range of products aimed to a wide audience from the most young to adult, a practical and comfortable underwear for all ages to wear with pleasure. Vilfram a solid and concrete company with ability  and desire to create.



Vilfram with its brands and its products is present also in foreign market, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe. With its precision and regularity, the company manages all kind of distribution thanks to a large warehouse, always assorted and available to resolve all kind of customers request.





Raw materials

Most of our raw materials is obtained by a verticalized process. All tissues are subjected to a thorough analysis in order to take over and eliminate, in the cutting step, any defects or non conformity of raw materials. Every year we handle over 400.000 meters of raw materials. 

Research and development

Research and development activity is the heart of our work with about 10 employees and making about 300 new references per season.

Prototype department

The prototype department employees specialized dressmaker. Each single sample is designed and created in Italy.

Drafting and cutting

Drafting and cutting process are completely automated process. Two tables provide the cutting of more than 1000 article per day needed to fuel our production centers.


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Head Office

Vilfram s.n.c. – Via della Comunità Europea, 9 – Bisceglie (BT)
Tel:+39 080 3958098
Fax:+39 080 3958136